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"Each of us have the ability to give and extend ourselves for the benefit of others.  Few of us have the innate talents of Sarah and even fewer develop those talents.  Whether it be massage, reflexology or reiki, her healing touch is a wonderful gift.  Many thanks Sarah."   (M.M., Vail CO)
"We hire Sarah every time we vacation in Vail. My girls love her and we do too. Truth is if you are in pain while the massage at the local SPA will give you some vague relief, Sarah will put you back in shape for good . She always does!  I think her deep knowledge of the muscle structure along with her technique are the key of her effectiveness." (A.C., Laguna Beach CA)
"I’ve had 3 different types of modalities given by Sarah and have loved them all!
- Full body massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue & NMT);
- Reiki;
- Reflexology;
Sarah has a great touch and I’ve left feeling both relaxed and energized each time.  I especially loved the massage technique she used on my neck and shoulders.  It’s like none other than I’ve ever experienced before - very effective and long lasting. 
I highly recommend you see her TODAY!” (C.K., Wauwatosa WI)
"After a long haul with chemo and trying to find ways to feel better, I went to Sarah for treatment and it changed everyday of my Chemo treatments.  She was the "Magic wand" I needed."  Not only did she help me during treatment, but she "found" my cancer. Shortly before I was diagnosed Sarah did a reflexology treatment on me.  She noticed a tight area on my right shoulder reflex point. Well nothing is wrong with my right shoulder, I thought. A month later I went in for a mammogram and was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.   There is so much to understand about our bodies and what is really happening inside.  Our body will not always give us a sign it is in trouble, but reflexology does allow us to see what is really happening.  I love the healing powers of this practice and will continue to use it." (A.S. Vail CO)


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